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theme for today: LETS JUST REPLACE ALL CISCO WITH JUNIPER CAUSE #*&^@*&$@*#%@^#%^@

i am reading the book club book. almost done. i really hope more people are reading it because i keep thinking of people who would enjoy it. while reading, i thought immediately of devolutionary and jwiv but for different reasons. neither of them will read it though. ;)

daily show guffaw: alpha kappa shrimpfork fraternity. still. laughing.

also: very successful laurel ex-coworker steak night last night! yay zanramon. made up for missing him at the brickskeller. next time i will not be so lame about the invitation and actually think for a second and not omit eighty thousand people who might have been nearby. sullivan's on 198 can be really good or really bad, i'm glad it wasn't really bad last night since it was my suggestion...

What is romance?

Something a little fantastical, a little bit too good to be true. Something outside of everyday drudgery.

Can you have romance without having a love interest?

Sure. Indiana Jones running down Nazis and stealing holy relics from them is "romantic". Lots of things come under the category of romance; heroism, passion, hubris. I story that's romantic, a moment that is romantic, does not have to have two people smooching in it.

What is the most romantic thing you've done for someone?

Dear god, I have no idea. I've done lots of things... written poetry, sent flowers, made elaborate crafted presents, forked out for exorbitant meals at fancy restaurants, worn crazy lingerie, traveled long distances, cooked, cleaned, researched, posed for nude portraits, got a room at the Watergate, and sometimes many of these things on the same day. But while going to all these lengths is really cool (and often, ahem, wasted on losers, in my case) there is also something extremely romantic about the right words of encouragement dropped at the right time, or just brushing someone's hair, or simply taking pride in the accomplishments of your beloved. I suppose it could be said that my standards have dropped, or that my current boyfriend is getting the short end of the stick as I do not lavish the same effort and expense on him, but I don't actually feel that much less romantic.

What is the most romantic thing you've had done for you?

Being bathed by candlelight was pretty cool. Despite the aftermath, being proposed to at work was still pretty romantic. Having someone write a song for me (and sing it) was impressive and probably closest to my "ideal" vision of romance. I know after I post this I will remember the ONE BIG THING that kicked ass more than any other. But for now it's not coming to mind. (I posted this two days ago; it's still not coming to mind...)

What is the most romantic thing you've heard of being done? (real life, not movies)

Geez, I dunno. I am fond of any story that involves making the most out of the least. Cigar-band rings, homecooked meals. Anything that takes real effort or thought and is not something you can buy at a store. But no specific stories are coming to mind.

What three songs are most likely to put you in a romantic mood?

Crowded House - I Feel Possessed
Crowded House - Into Temptation
Badly Drawn Boy - Once Around the Block

Silk, Satin, Velvet, Leather, Cotton, PVC or "Other"?

Whichever. I am ambivalent about wrapping paper. On women? a t-shirt and jeans. I admit that on men a tux or suit is an aphrodisiac. I believe cotton is my favorite fabric in any context.

What's your ideal romantic setting?

Anywhere can be this. I can feel romance just about damn anywhere. Maybe not a public bathroom. Yeah, no public bathrooms.

What traits do you find sexiest in others?

Caring, compassion, empathy, and brains/intellect.

What traits do you find to be the most romantic in others?

Caring, compassion, empathy, and brains/intellect.

Sunsets, Moonlight, Candlelight, Firelight, Sunlight or Blacklights?

Candlelight. Sunlight. I like to imagine wide open fields in spring sunshine with no bugs in them. (Bugs != romantic)

Are you a romantic?

Yeah. It may not seem like it on the surface but I am hopeless.

thewronghands provided me with interview questions, here are the answers:

1) You must choose some other racial makeup than what you are. What race would you become, and how would it affect your life?

I'm sorry to be copping out to many of your questions... but let me say a little about how I feel about race. This link kind of sums it up - it is hard for me to answer this question with the word "race" in it. It would be easier to answer it if you said "cultural" and "culture", although still complicated. I feel it is impossible for me to understand what it would be like to be self-identified as, say, asian, or to look non-white. So I guess your question just presents a whole bunch of response questions... what do you mean by "makeup"? I'm not saying that your question doesn't provoke alot of interesting thoughts and help me evaluate my own feelings on race, it definately does. I just don't think I have an answer. :)

2) There is a magic wand lying on the table next to you. If you wave it, you can make one major change to technology and the way it operates. What, if anything, do you do?

How can I change the way technology operates? I mean, doesn't it have to operate a certain way? I'd change the laws of physics so that I could personally be telekinetic, or something. If I were really smart, I'd think of a way to change technology to make our consumption and pleasure less environmentally damaging. But I probably wouldn't do anything, because I'm not god and I would way rather change social things anyways, if I were.

3) What's your fondest memory of an act of kindness?

I have a terrible memory. TERRIBLE. It's why I keep a journal. So probably, locked away somewhere in my little brain cells, is a repository of memories of deeds of kindness all the way back through my life. However, since I can't remember what happened last month without looking it up, I will just say that everything my father has ever done for his mother-in-law is a pretty amazing act of kindness. Not because she's bad or hard to be kind to, just because it's so nice that he helps her.

4) You can choose two philosophers or writers to duke it out in a WWF Death Match, recorded for posterity and televised nationwide. Who and why?

So I can, but I choose not to. I can't imagine actually requesting that two people physically assault each other, unless they were people I really hated and even then, it feels wrong. Oh hey... if you had asked this question in regards to authors, I could have said something like Ayn Rand and Philip Roth, because I wouldn't mind seeing them both in a ring with ladders and fences. Okay, technically I haven't read any Ayn Rand, but I hear I would not be a big fan. Philp Roth can go sit on a pointy steel pike, though.

5) Nobody has a name any more. Instead, you are forced to re-name everyone in the world. Assume that you are the only person with the power of naming. What do you call yourself, and why?

I'd probably name myself Kimberly. I'm used to it, and my parents clearly really liked it, so it's good enough for me. I might add some middle names. Like I could be Kimberly Maximillan Hephaestus Tamara.
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