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AGAIN with the sleeping

So, I just negated all my previous social engagements by sleeping through them. AGAIN. I hate when this happens. I went to sleep at noon and didn't set my alarm thinking I would wake up around 7 naturally, and then go have dinner or practice guitar or whickever thing was going to happpen with whatever person. Or both things. Whatever, it doesn't matter now, because none of them are getting done, and neither is my laundry, because I apparently needed to sleep for nearly TEN HOURS. If I were more depressed, I would totally cry. Right now I just feel practical about it; it means that for the scary brunch tomorrow I will be well rested.

The interesting part of all this is that I had this bizarre dream where I got a huge wound in my hand, on my palm and wrist, that was open and creepy, and in the deep gorge of flesh between the skin there was this hard blue cheese looking stuff. Trust me, it was really fucking creepy. Also in the dream there was something about wearing flip-flops to go to the theater with my friends, and not wanting to use the bathrooms because my feet might touch the floor. I'm having some kind of body issues.

Now I need to go shower and eat so that I can go to work and do maintenance and redeem the fact that last night I was relatively useless. Oh, and play with the laser pointer and the cat for a while.
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