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I just bought something listed in british pounds off ebay, and now it's spelling favorites with a U and showing all the prices in pounds. Hee.

Recent events include chowing down at the Flat Top Grill in Arlington (which I can't stop thinking about, yum) with oontzgrrl and crew, feeding pseudotheist's cats (I even saw Eowyn), superbowl watching at judithiscariot's, computer gaming, and the requisite QT with bizarrojack. I should be at the MVA today but I'm going to save that fun experience for next week, when I will need to sprint to finish the book club book anyways.

Question: guys, if you think you are near to my size, what size suit jacket do you wear? Also any gals who tend to wear men's jackets who think they might be my size? Trying to buy a (not suit, actually) jacket off ebay and can't decide if I am a 38, 40, or 42.
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