keep it dark (snidegrrl) wrote,
keep it dark

hrmm, what's going on, and which parts do i talk about on the internet. heh. well, last night i went out to the brickskeller and met up with a few people, but missed the organizer of the event which was very sad. zanramon i'd love to do stuff earlier in an evening but i guess people don't like that? that or the snow scared them all off. but bizarrojack and aaron and ovipositor and i had fun and beer. uhm, let's see, for the record necrocannibal is the nicest person and took me to pick up my car. no really. nicest. also i need a new tire. also i had to go back to the doctor but everything is fine.

what was the name of that turtle on the back of the art school thing that you were supposed to draw and send in? Tippy? can you draw tippy the turtle? i can't remember.
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