keep it dark (snidegrrl) wrote,
keep it dark

Frozen, wounded road pod.

Reason Seven to own a hatchback: When your doors are frozen shut, chances are you can dislodge the hatch and crawl into your road pod.

I think I just solidified in my mind one thing that bugs me about 3D games. You can't glance. There should be a button to glance left, glance right, and behind. It doesn't work to hit Ctrl-mouse because that is way more work and coordination that it would take to turn your head for a second. And you screw up the centering of your camera and usually have to hit some other button to re-center it. It would be easier if one key just looked left, like you were very quickly turning your head, and back again all in one stroke. OTOH, maybe I just have bad hand-eye coordination. Nonetheless, I still prefer 2D 3rd person top-down perspective gaming.

Ended up dropping the car off at the shop. They are so nice over at Gary's. They gave me a ride home. This is good because there is no such thing as sidewalks currently. They better get it back to me soon, as I am almost out of soy nuts and that is dangerous.
Tags: car, gaming
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