keep it dark (snidegrrl) wrote,
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An interesting essay on blogs, which I gleaned from mcoletti... (particularly in light of the fact that I get most of my news from my LJ friends page, which I am not ashamed to admit)
The truth is that the blogs are getting better and better, and the mass media is getting worse and worse.
There are a number of insightful comments, as well.

I, er, made level 31 with my Paladin yesterday. I did get out and do things apart from that but they are just as boring. Nearly an hour late to work this morning. Worried that the auto insurance company hasn't cashed my check yet. Reading Eric Schlosser's Reefer Madness which is good but my jury is still out. I have a strong suspicion that he is going to defend pronographers for economic reasons in the next chapter and that doesn't sit well with me, despite the fact that in the rest of the book he seems to have a good balance between pragmatism and idealism. This morning I thought to myself, every day that I come to work I feel like I am going further down a dead end road, or further out on a limb which grows weaker and weaker. I don't really mean this in any way specific to my employer.
Tags: books, meta
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