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First off, I challenge GWB to spend a year doing traceracer's job. I watched the state of the union address, I was mad, I'll talk about it in other people's journals. My blood pressure WAS 130/88 when I went to the doc's... (Oh shit... I just realized that's high. oops. Well I was kind of freaking out when I was there.) Sadly it's probably even higher now...

Any gals out there on Seasonale the 4 periods a year thing? It has the exact same hormones and levels as the only pill that didn't make me crazy (Levlen) and my doc says she has prescribed it a bunch. (The difference is you don't take placebos once a month to menstruate, you take them once a quarter, I gather.) (She's never perscribed the Nuvaring, she says.)

Neck hurt alot when I woke up. Came to work anyways. Took some Advil, things seem to be going okay. Advil appears to work better than the Nabumetone the doc perscribed. If things continue to improve I will hop back on the exercise tonight. Sorely wishing for some QT with J.
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