keep it dark (snidegrrl) wrote,
keep it dark

This Musicplasma thing is so effin cool.

Also went to the doc's today got a blood test to see if I have some kind of infection which is doubtful but some anti-inflammatories and muscle relaxants for my neck which let me tell you can't move. bizarrojack is a super terrific A+ boyfriend for taking me to get my perscription filled after my trip to the doctor almost ended in tragedy becasue it's hard to drive when you can't turn your head. And I told myself I wouldn't take any days off in January. Crap.

I could have written almost every sentence of this post. It's good to have somewhere to turn to feel safe. (If for whatever reason you go over to this community and decide to comment, do read the rules first, please.)

Now back to lying near-motionless on the couch.
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