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I should make note of the fun things I did this weekend - like going to a birthday gathering for drivingblind on friday, at which I got to play some canasta! I wish I could have stayed later and been more forceful with my celebrating. On saturday we trudged in the snow up to casa de dharshai and played some games and chatted. Sunday tzel made a mighty fine dinner with some wacky alternative cheesecake for dessert, all good, and we forced people to watch Space Rogues. I didn't know there was a "making of" film but it brought a wash of nostalgia to see the van. I'll have to watch the whole thing sometime.

Feeling mildly better but still weird, and I have a stiff neck which always makes me terrified that I have meningitis. Because I'm paranoid like that. So far today I've eaten hummus and pita, grapes, and a steak. Not sure what to do about dinner. Fretful.
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