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Metro Stories

Husky young man all in black steps onto the metro. I see him, he sees me. His strappy bondange pants and giant rainbow triangle jacket zipper toggle indicate that his freak flag is flying. I smile, but don't want to be the crazy person. I sit down next to him. "Awesome, the first normal person I've seen on the train in a while." says he. I have to wonder at the whole thing because I'm wearing old navy pants and an LL Bean jacket... he must have known from my short haircut and beat up Doc Martens, although even those things don't necessarily spell f-r-e-a-k these days.

"I sat down 'cause I didn't want you to go home saying that some crazy lesbian was staring at you on the metro." I say this with a smile. And not because I'm a lesbian; but since I didn't think to say queer and I knew that often people assume any freak girl with short hair is a dyke, I said lesbian. Maybe a lie, but this guy smiled, and we had a moment of solidarity. I ask him if he's a local; no, he just started at Corcoran. I tell him I've been here over 6 years. Surprise! I guess I do look young. He says he couldn't be trapped behind a desk. I tell him it sure does pay the bills, though.

"That's me." he says. "A husband and a daughter at home in our loft apartment..." He trails off a little wisfully, but not sad. With a flounce. "That is, when they make it legal." We enjoy a laugh about that loud enough to share with anyone listening in that we are sure it will happen someday, watch out! He has to go at Foggy Bottom. "Take care." We both feel a little better not being the only weirdo. And that's why I love living in the big city...
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