keep it dark (snidegrrl) wrote,
keep it dark

I can tell I am becoming very boring, very fast with this diet/exercise thing. (Yes, if possible, more boring than I was before.) I'll try not to go on about it except in shorthand that is useful to me and doesn't take up much space. Or I will mention if I humorously slip while playing DDR, kick the cat, and bust my nose on the coffee table.

In lieu of talking about that which has consumed about 125% of my conscious thought lately, I'll mention what I've been reading:
Buddhism Plain & Simple
Modern Retro: Living with Mid-Century Modern Style
Bitch Magazine
...and as soon as amazon can get it to me you can add to that list Bobos in Paradise which is the next peril_book_club book, and judging by my reading materials lately, probably talks about me, unless I'm too young to be in the cohort to which the authors refer.

This morning's metro adventure: Popped buttons off my jacket sprinting to catch the orange line; didn't make the train, but did scour the platform and recover the errant buttons. Riding the metro makes me feel good. Simple pleasures. Leveled my DAoC Paladin to 25 last night. Yay.
Tags: book club, books, metro
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