keep it dark (snidegrrl) wrote,
keep it dark

Happy 75th, Tintin!! Hey, maybe I should start planning now to make a trip to Belgium for the 100th. Thanks to those who sent the links. :)

I have the urge to watch more Utena. I think there are three million dvds of it out now. Last night Jack and I watched Better Off Dead. He had never seen it before!!! Then I dreamed I was babysitting, and it was one of those typical baby-gets-lost then baby-does-a-million-impossibly-precocious-things and then finally baby-is-found-in-one-piece kind of stories, kind of like that baby and dog from animaniacs.

Today I did a good job on something work-related, whee. Tiny sense of accomplishment. Hungry. Heading home. Wish I'd found someone to have dinner at Rio Grande with.

[edit] p.s. THIS is so fucking cool.
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