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Every day at the Ballston station on the way home, I see the same man with his seeing eye dog. I want so badly to say something like, "Hello, there. I see you here every day, and that's a mighty nice dog you have." But won't I just be the crazy guy to him, too? I shouldn't treat him any differently than any other metro passenger, and should avert my eyes and retreat into my own shell? Only he seems so nice, probably because anyone with a dog seems automatically nicer to me. Although I have never once seen him pet the dog, and I do find that a little disturbing. I really, deep down, probably just want to pet his sad-eyed, clearly very ingtelligent golden retriever.

When I don't bring the face of my stereo in the car, I always end up singing any song I sang in chorus in high school. Once, we spent a season on spirituals, so often I find myself singing one of the following:

Oh, What a Beautiful City
Didn't My Lord Deliver Daniel
Ain't Got Time to Die
Ev'ry Time I Feel the Spirit
Ezekiel Saw De Wheel
There is Balm in Gilead
Soon Ah Will be Done-ah
Joshua Fit De Battle of Jericho
Wade in the Water

If you've ever sung spirituals, I don't care what you believe, you have felt the power of something. Call it music, call it spirit, call it whatever you want. I think this comprises almost every song we sang that season - I am sure geniealisa will correct me if I'm wrong. I was a little white kid in a very expensive private school. I am glad that I was exposed to this music, even in that context; I'm not sure if it gave us all any perspective, but I like to think it did, and that we were better for not just singing dusty old european chamber music. (I love me some dusty old european chamber music a whole bunch - don't get me wrong.) Of course, usually we sang the arrangements with all the soul of a bunch of rich white kids, if I'm really honest with myself. But it didn't dim the joy I always felt when I sang them... and still do. Even if I can't remember the alto part all the time. If I could reasonably host mp3s of every one, I'd put them up so people could hear them.

Finally, please welcome my oldest friend, whom I have known since the 6th grade, to LJ. keryx! Yay!
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