keep it dark (snidegrrl) wrote,
keep it dark

Last night I had dinner with cattack, grrangela, crafting_change, peregrin8, and another non-LJ friend of cattack. We met in Dupont at Pepper's. Food was good, but it wasn't as good as the company. Without a doubt I felt a quick camaraderie with these women. Stood around in the cold in the middle of the circle until after bedtime just talking. I think I could learn alot from everyone I met last night... I returned home feeling like my socks were rocked.

On the way home at GalleryPl there was a woman ranting and raving. Sometimes I use those words loosely, but in this case it was strict: she was yelling and screaming about the white man dissolving her relationships and preparing for another round of slavery. But she was also raving, because God is going to come down and pull her and all the good people away before we all kill each other. She approached most of the black people on the platform, and several actually had to run away from her. Big city living, I guess.

Unfortunately, this morning I'm tired and also having a Very Bad Day. Why is it people always want to make small talk about their cars/kids/religion at work when I'm a miserable wretch?

And my answer to the question yesterday would be: "1. The lid on the toilet stays DOWN unless the toilet is in use."
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