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Saturday: Had dinner with Chris @ Rio Grande. Best damn soft tacos I have ever had. A pleasant time though. Later on did a Silver Diner meet with Necro, MsT, and Jack. Jack and I went to his place and played Mario 3 on the SNES. Apparently I lost all memory and skill for that game.

Sunday: Christmas stocking exchange with Tzel and Denise. Discovered I don't hate broccoli stalks. I now have the Alien DVD box set. Mmm, Ripley-tastic. Found myself getting misty when I left. Later on, GAUNTLET!

Dream: I dreamed I was sleeping. Dream-me kept waking up because these little bunsen burners were appearing in the middle of the floor and turning on by themselves. Every time dream-me asked dream-Jack to look how scary they were, they'd turn off or disappear. Then dream-Jack and dream-Falkonne and dream-Transentient (I dunno why Cliff decided to show up in my dream but for some reason we were staying at his house and he had a giant leather couch) all left to visit their grandmothers, and dream-me couldn't wake up enough to tell them that A) I was freaking out because I couldn't visit my grandmother and B) scary-ass shit was happening and I didn't want them to leave me alone. But I couldn't tell them because no sound would come out of my mouth. Ugh.

Long list of things to do: book club reminder, bank deposit, post office stuff, get into DC by 6:30 for dinner. Dinner with LJ people I have not met before! Well, I have met one before. I can't wait this is very exciting.
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