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Saturday I attended a wine tasting notable for its classiness. The hostess, lilmymble, was so classy it was her birthday and the attendees recieved favors. We rated wines, and I found once again that I am fully in the category of white wine lover. I'll have a red wine with a steak but really, that's about it. The best part: didn't get too trashed to decide what wine I liked and wasn't hung over in the morning. (Aside: the Riesling that examorata brought was fantastic.2001er Trittenheimer Apotheke.) Sunday: Dark Age and Rat Race. And then more Dark Age. I wonder how many kids have dropped out of college because of this game. Today: crazed returning and exchanging at the mall. It felt good to go in with three big bags and come out with three tiny ones. Also lunch with necrocannibal. Christmas isn't over yet! I have not joined Telf and Denise for the stocking lovefest.
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