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Well I hope everyone had a happy [fill in blank of holiday/vacation/break related thing you do]! Seriously. Whatever you did during the national holiday, I hope it was cool.

bizarrojack and I made it down to Norfolk on Xmas Eve, stopping along the way in White Plains (?) for thai food. After three years, it was not a little bit odd to actually be home after three years. Mom had tiny sandwiches for us upon arrival, and fruity salad and other things. Thus began the eating... we had fantastic breakfast in the morning, a break for present opening, then noshing and visiting Grandma in the afternoon (I could write a whole entry on going to the transitional place to visit Grandma.) and then dad was already starting on the ham and prime rib. There was a minor travesty of fake mashed potatoes, but there is no one to blame. Had I known, I would have offered to peel, mash, etc. I'm serious guys! In the face of flakey potatoes, I will overcome my laziness.

I made three notes to myself about this entry two hours ago that I cannot decipher now: gifferating, nights foo lay, biken special

This is a sign my handwriting is out of control. I think that's "nights too long" as in by my anti-social comments and behavior, Mr. Herod could see that I had been on overnight shift too long. The other refers to the two fun things I absorbed on TV; the all day History Channel biker shows, and World Idol. Oh my gosh I really enjoyed World Idol, maybe too much. Americans really can suck the fun out of things. The Polish judge was trying to hard to be Simon Cowell. The speech given by the Belgian idol made me smile. He was a rocker, and he rocked out. The hosts were a poor man's Merry and Pippin. Part of the holidays is sitting around watching tv, digesting, right? I may actually watch the follow-up show, but probably not.

We hit the road post-lunch and had an uneventful trip back. Until we hit Springfield... Jack's mom called, so we stopped there on the way home. I ended up getting Jack's dad talking about politics and despite disagreements it was all for the best. They always make me feel at home. Home was everywhere this season, which is a really good way of thinking of it I guess. I was very happy to crawl under my flannel moose sheets finally at 2am, after which I had vivid dreams of living on a pirate ship with Nicolas. He ran away when we got to a certain port and I ran around trying to rescue him. When I woke up he was snoozing happily next to my leg. Yay. And in two hours... it's my damn weekend!!



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Dec. 27th, 2003 10:21 pm (UTC)
I have given completely up on my handwriting. At work I carry my Palm around 100% of the time. If I thought I could manage it without losing it, I'd do it outside of work as well. I suppose in a pinch I could leave myself a voicemail on my cellphone.

Pat Benatar rules! My friend Caroline just got a haircut like Pat in the 80's. She doesn't like the comparison though. We play a game where she bugs me about my fish taking so long to complete, and I whistle "Love is a Battlefield".
Dec. 30th, 2003 10:07 am (UTC)
You are doing well if your handwriting problems don't carry over into graffiti. :)

In re: leaving oneself voicemail, I did try getting one of those microcassette recorders, but I never took the time to go back and play the little messages. I kept it in the car for when I had brilliant life-changing revelations on the way to work. :)
Dec. 28th, 2003 07:15 am (UTC)
Flannel moose sheets! Pirate dreams!
I mean, my holiday was pretty darn good but I'm not sure it can compare to that.

But handwriting - ugh. They made me take remedial handwriting lessons in middle school. This was in England where we were only taught printing and joined-up writing. Thus, I countered by learning cursive from some old book I'd scavenged (probably in ND). Ha! That showed them! Or possibly not. Could be that the course of lessons had just run its natural course.
Dec. 30th, 2003 10:10 am (UTC)
Hrm... see in my youth learning cursive was like learning to drive. I wanted to do it really badly, it meant I could be like the big kids. What exactly is joined-up writing?
Jan. 2nd, 2004 09:37 am (UTC)
Between printing and cursive you actually change the way you form some of the letters ('r' and 's' come to mind). Joined-up writing does not really alter the forms of the letters but still tries to connect as many of them as possible to minimize how often you have to lift your pen.

There could be an argument made here that "cursive" and "joined-up" are actually the same thing and that it is merely a cultural difference which accounts for the different appearance of handwriting. I wouldn't argue with that. But for me, "cursive" is American joined-up writing and "joined-up" is British cursive. I'm not sure if this is a widely accepted distinction or something that only makes sense in my head. I suppose some might just call it British handwriting, the same way I would refer to German handwriting.
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