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party, and dark age hypocrisy

Well! I survived saturday! Hrm, that makes it sound alot less fun than it was. What I mean to say is that after getting up at 5 for work, I made it through cleaning and partying to about 2am when my legs literally gave up on me. I couldn't stand anymore. Work had involved several snafus, and I knew the minute I got home I'd have to clean like a very speedy cleaning person. And take things to storage. All this I did, and even got dressed up in some old vampire larp garb (it's red and shiny, thus christmasey) and was only 15 minutes late for a party in my own house.

Warm holiday feelings were all around. I had that syndrome I get where I have "party ADD"; I can't seem to focus on what one person is saying. It's even worse than club ADD because in a club you sort of expect people not to pay attention to each other. The thing is I'm trying so hard to listen to everyone, particularly when I am at my house and in hostess mode, that I hardly can listen to anyone. At any rate, several of my friends very graciously gave me gifts of the season, and I am very grateful. Of course, I hadn't even finished shopping. Several of us are forming a band, by the way. It will be called Lesbotron. This is what happens in my kitchen at parties! I dunno! Oh - I almost forgot to mention - there was more food in our house than I have ever seen. And more children, but that's different.

I still hadn't really had a chance to play with my Big Toy, which would be the new computer. So sunday I fired 'er up and played some DAoC. It works! Yay! And it wasn't like I never left the house again after that. msteleute hosted us for a cozy evening. I got a bamboo. It's a gift bamboo, I will feel terrible if I kill it with my black thumb of vegicide. But it is nice for once to have a plant in my room. I am thinking of it in there creating oxygen as I type this! Ahh. I crashed pretty heavily again sunday night, and woke up knowing I had to hit the stores.

AGH. I thought going during the day on a Monday would be easier. This was stupidly optimistic on the monday before christmas. Insanity! Lines everywhere! The stereotypical parking lot fights! People running around buying cheap crap no one wants!!! Screaming, crying children! Screaming, crying adults! I ran home with my tail between my legs, not even bothering to treat myself to lunch outside the house, and holed up in my room again with Dark Age and cookies. I said I'd never play this game. I think I even made bitter, private posts about my boyfriend playing this game too much. Well, the more cocky one is, the more embarassed one will be later when one gives in. I even attended a guild hunt, I believe it is called, where I swung at things 40 levels higher than me and died yet still got more experience than I had altogether previously. So, now, everyone can mock me for changing my tune. Mock away!

Now I'm at work and keeping myself awake with bad coffee and searching for cubic zirconia for cheap on ebay and listening to everyone's continued portents of doom and misery in regards to the future of this job site. And working, of course.
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