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it occurred to me that the other day i made a total ass of myself. in my previous post in regards to singing, i said "i mean, who doesn't already do it". which effectively was saying "i don't want to hear from anyone who already has a gig of some sort" which excludes several people on this list which is really stupid. what i mean was "i'd assume someone who was actually singing with an actual group would never want to fool around with a bunch of amateurs" which is a huge assumption. so that was really lame and stupid and i apologize.

anyways, other than dwelling on ways i stick my foot in my mouth, i have been meeting guys on the metro (caninescapula) completely surprisingly, having dinner at grace's fortune in bowie with a large group of jack's awesome yet alien family, and being awakened at 4am by my cat clawing me in the face. i'm so tired. also comcast have earned the focus of my wroth. no internet at home til monday.
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