keep it dark (snidegrrl) wrote,
keep it dark

real quick here as i am on dialup (fie comcast)

- RotK mixed feelings. need to see again to confirm. sorry i can't read people's posts about it because, well, my patience for dialup is nil.

- new food lion in laurel. i will enjoy it these first few months while it's still clean and they have the first string staff in.

- i had no idea they made dvds in PAL. i now have a region-free dvd but it's in PAL. :( WAH!

- thanks loads to tzel for calling into 104.1 this morning and setting them straight on the subject of whether sean astin can be considered a hottie.

- does anyone on my friends list enjoy singing? like choral singing? i mean, who doesn't already do it? and who's had experience reading music? and who would think it was fun to put together practiced pieces even if there was little chance they'd ever get heard?

- eowyn - good but could have been very subtly different and made me subtly happier.
- my favorite moment, or one of them, was changed. i know it was for cinematic whatever, but grr!! (sam taking the ring when he thinks frodo is dead... dammit i want to SEE THAT.)
- i got a little vertigo at one point. i actually felt dizzyish during one scene with shelob. wacky.
- deagol!!!
- i wanted more walking. no, seriously. i think something could have been done to get the sam/frodo side of things captured better.
- but i swear i am trying not to be negative. i enjoyed watching this film. i really did.
- i blinked and missed the millisecond where you see merry make contact with the witch king. dammit.
- did sam say "and this one's for my Gaffer!"? 'cause that'd be awesome. i forgot we actually saw ol' Gaffer in Fellowship!
- helloooo celeborn... *waggly eyebrows*
- i find it pretty funny that 2 hours into the third movie, you find an event that was in the second book.
- would it really have been so bad to let denethor hoist aloft a palantir for a second? i mean, i am sure you could have cut a pensive close-up or two somewhere.
- i HAVE to stop being so negative. :)
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