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i suppose it would be wise to write about my weekend before i forget it all. um, friday i stayed down in arlington with oontzgrrl and her schmoopy and jack came down to visit us. good times. i also miss console games more and more lately. after i woke up saturday and stopped feeling kinda crummy, saturday was pretty truimphant. we finally got the tree, and while it is flat on top, it is hearty and stout and looks much much bigger now that it's in the apartment. thatwhichishene was indispensable for this task. i am also grateful that thanks to him i don't have needles in my hatchback. i forced our guests to watch the christmas episode of the monkees. it wasn't the best one. sunday jack helped me reassess my relationship with his favorite hobby, and it looks like i might just get a new motherboard for christmas. later on we had round 2 of tree shenanigans at tzel's. she had an amazing snacky-feast there and now i feel almost totally seasonal. i even managed to sneak most of my christmas shopping in the middle of all this, and i know i am leaving out countless details but this weekend just isn't going to be covered that way. unfortunately i just called my mom, and at home they are having some trouble. i should have known things were not going well when i didn't hear from them. grandma isn't doing so well. but at least this year i will be able to be there.

and michelle? i'm still dancing. :)
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