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Note to self: Leaving home at the normal time but driving means you will get to work an hour early.

You people are starting to get to me with your horrific predictions of OH MY GOD TERROR DEATH FLU. I wonder if the Patient First gives vaccinations. Because when it comes to medicine, I am way too lazy to do anything but hope to walk in somewhere on the spur of the moment. Hrm, but then, paranoia has been a feature of my mood today, although more focused. As this is the first week that I have to work a Saturday, it is definately jarring to think that my weekend does not start when I leave today. :(

I have a dirty mind, and this cracked me up as I imagined someone shipping giant boobs:
"We are trying to ship back this rack to you guys but the FedX account that was provided is for Air shipping. Because the size of the rack it will need to be sent Ground."
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