keep it dark (snidegrrl) wrote,
keep it dark

weekend in review

Yes, there was various bad news over the weekend. But life marched on in other areas, allowing for the following positive experiences:

Attended the amazing 2003 Peril films Premiere Party. I finally got to see the results of all the hard work of booyeah and necrocannibal as well as other fantastic voice talent. So funny! I have never seen better stop-motion legos. Ever. All the literati were present to give their thoughts on the seminal work. I haven't heard the results of the caramel experiment though. ???

Sunday was scanning, books and steaks with msteleute and necrocannibal, and then joining examorata to watch Angels in America which hasn't really compelled me enough to schedule time for watching part 2. Maybe. Oh, and I bought a copy of Xanadu. Who wants to watch it with me? Other than korangar?

Monday I wandered around with my friends Fred and Ally seeking housing for them, as they have to be moved up here from Raleigh in approximately 2 weeks. I think I completely biased them towards living in PG County. Oops. We looked at the cutest Victorian in the historic section of Laurel. It is exactly the kind of house I want to own someday. Grar. Later on I dragged them to book club! The secret santa book exchange required no trades, everyone got something they were interested in reading. Interestingly, two people gave Barry Hughart's Bridge of Birds without knowing the other one was giving it. I still have rob_donoghue' copy, actually, in my to-read pile. Did I mention that my to-read "pile" spans two whole bookcases at this point? Yeah.

Four hours' sleep last night. I blame the fact that I was on the Moria section of Fellowship in my book on tape (tape 9, side 2), and I kept listening because I was all in suspense (even though I know what happens). Stupid Moria.
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