keep it dark (snidegrrl) wrote,
keep it dark

so i have found one half of the accursed split enz box set. i fret i will never find the other half for less than a million zillion dollars. sigh.

i totally didn't call my dad and wish him a happy birthday last night because i am a terrible daughter. GAH. i called him this morning but still. so, belated happy birthday dad!!! i need to get on the ball about the parents' birthdays now that i feel i am a real adult!!!

they've set up festive holiday decorations in the lobby. these include but are not limited to weird statues of black bears in santa hats humping snowmen. if i had my camera, i'd take a picture.

with more and more friends having kids all over the place, i've been more and more attuned to observing the way people treat boys and girls differently from a very young age. it's amazing the things people say about treating children and the way children will act and the way to react to it based on gender. i am observing all this in case someday i have some little ankle-biters myself. i'm sure i won't know what it's like until i have one. in my mind's eye, however, no matter what your feelings on the natural bent of girls or boys, treating children differently automatically fosters inequality. i'm sure this attitude annoys people.

also i think people may have started putting less stock in my judgement of people since i have opened my circle of friends as widely as i can.
Tags: feminist
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