keep it dark (snidegrrl) wrote,
keep it dark

i am used to being unable to sleep from anxiety. i should be able to handle this. i hope tonight my book on tape does the trick...

But I am extremely morose to find a livejournal deletion has occurred. Someone who usually makes my day just with their fantastic writing. I don't always comment. I usually feel dwarfed by the creative mind behind the words. I always learn something. It would be selfish to say "Joe, please come back. I miss you already." It would be also a great deal strange, because I've never met this person. But nevertheless it would be true. I still have a window up with a recent post that I wanted to re-read. You moved me! I wanted want to be your real friend.

today i actually cooked something. and people were not, so far as i know, poisoned or even disgusted. i wish i could have stayed longer, because i was just beginning to feel socially at ease when i left - but as i haven't been to work in a week i had better be bright-eyed and bushy-tailed tomorrow to make up for all my lacking attendance. thanks to tonight's potluck participants - damn, everything was fantastic.

when i'm feeling blue and like i am going crazy, i think about the movie bowfinger. K.I.T. keepittogether keepittogether...
Tags: friends, movies
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