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went and looked at all the different company's various phones, cell-wise. i don't like any of them, and i didn't even see the one that wackjobbery has or the new exciting treo that zarobi showed me. those are the only two things i would consider moving to at this point. overall i am unimpressed. i like my phone. so all i ended up doing was resisting those singing snowmen at hallmark and upping the number of different versions of Jesus Christ Superstar I have to five. (in between leveling my necromancer to 36. woo!)

i'm still coughing, but i'm gonna try to go to work tomorrow anyways. what the hey.

question: at book club, it was brought up that it's probably illegal to forbid employees to discuss their salaries. i seem to remember agreeing not to when i signed on where i work, or maybe at the last job. or maybe they just discouraged it. on one hand, it can really screw with morale for people to talk about salary and compare. on the other hand, if people can't talk about their salaries, they cannot find out about any unfair practices that are going on. what do you think? what's it like where you are? i was really happy for a long time not knowing shit about what my peers made; i was making enough and that was all i needed to know. i felt it was good that talking about it was discouraged. now i am not so sure.
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