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I mean, I am so sick. Woke up this morning with a full-fledged cold. This is ruining my weekend, let me tell you.

Friday was pretty good! I went to court (for tzel) which went pretty well, then to Ikea, joined the World Beer Club at the Ram's Head, came home and took control of my surroundings a little bit. Which I would do times ten today, but I'm sick. Went to Mongolian Grill, and then later Jack took me with him to meet some friends from his game (DAoC), where everyone was quick to tell me about some (not present) hot blonde amazon chick who wanted my boyfriend. Yeah? Everyone should want my boyfriend, he's awesome. I cannot afford to get jealous about every girl that wants him. Mostly people started talking about game specifics so I wandered downstairs and watched a terrible movie (American Werewolf in Paris). I was feeling low energy anyways... which should have been my first clue about the sick. Oh yeah, and earlier in the day I got to chat for quite some time with an old friend from college days about his moving up here in the next few weeks; I hope I gave good pointers.

Yesterday Jack graciously took me out to dinner at Pasta Plus. It was fantastic and I am very grateful. Then we watched TTT over at cheetahmaster's and got to see lots of Zhe Bebe who was being super extra cute. If I gave her a cold I will never forgive myself. I was supposed to go out to Chiaroscuro but I went home and straight to bed. Misery. And today - well I am just fucking depressed about today. I had begged to take today off with something specific in mind, and now it's shot.

Oh yeah I also heard from a guest that someone in the parking lot was spreading rumors about muggings/a possible attempted rape in the complex. Time to start being alot more alert when coming and going late at night. And...

1. List five things you'd like to accomplish by the end of the year.
- put all extraneous junk into storage right now, labeled and inventoried
- finish a sewing project I started about this time last year
- read three books
- visit my parents and grandmother
- clean out my email inbox

2. List five people you've lost contact with that you'd like to hear from again.
- jamie stewart (james gorman stewart)
- collin hill
- the english exchange student i hosted in 10th (?) grade
- this is hard because i make a special effort never to lose contact with anyone.
- ask this question about people i am in contact with, but never see and wish i could, and i will give you a very long list.

3. List five things you'd like to learn how to do.
- play guitar
- woodcarve
- diagnose brain problems
- eat less and exercise more
- pay bills on time

4. List five things you'd do if you won the lottery (no limit).
- send myself and several friends back to school full time
- buy a party house
- buy my parents a house and pay off their debts
- donate money to various politically progressive groups
- go to new zealand

5. List five things you do that help you relax.
- listening to books on tape, esp. lake woebegone days
- listening to connie dover, planxty
- playing diablo ii
- shopping
- mindless organizing tasks, like alphabetizing

first real kiss: After prom when I was 14. I came home and told my dad it was awful and I was neer doing it again. I think he was glad.
first job: Gyro Wrap, Lynnhaven mall in Virginia Beach.
first screen name: holy crap, I don't remember. I think I picked it for IRC and it was armadillo2 or something.
first self-purchased album: Cameo's "Word Up"
first funeral: my grandfather (mom's side)
first pets: Teeko and Muffin. (Poodle mix and Yorkie)
first big trip: To Michigan when I was maybe 5.
last big car ride: To New Orleans in August.
last real kiss: Yesterday, before I got *#^$@# sick.
last good cry: I seriously can't remember, and that is awesome.
last movie seen: The Two Towers extended
last movie seen in a theatre: Lost In Translation
last beverage drank: Water
last food consumed: Cannoli
last phone call: To my dad, to ask a stud question. No, the ones in the wall.
last TV show watched: Angel (not my fault! it was just on!)
last shoes worn: My mary jane docs.
last CD played: Nick Drake's Bryter Later or Jesus Christ Superstar, the version with Alice Cooper as Herod
last item bought: shelves at Ikea
last cigarette: Marlboro Ultra Light, friday night as S&J's
last library book checked out: I think it was books on tape. Some history stuff. 3 years ago.
last book read: Ian McEwan's Atonement
last time showered: Yesterday, 3pm
last thing written: Hand written? A note about what to remember to include in a LJ post.
last words spoken: "How are you feeling?"
last sleep: About two hours ago.
last im: something to tzel. I can't see the history for some reason.
last time wanting to die: I can't remember a time. Last time I just wanted to be unconscious for an indefinite period of time? Late June.
last lipstick: Chanel "Sugar Praline"
last time dancing: Yesterday, probably. I dance all the time without realizing it even.
last show attended: I seriously can't remember. I may have to go back and read my whole journal.
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