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The Birthday Calendar meme is flat, dead wrong. My life path number is 4, not 5. Please.

I just found out I actually can have Thanksgiving off. WOW. I know what this means; I'll probably end up working New Year's. Fudge.

My Christmas list is printed, blank and pristine, waiting for inspiration. Both the FOR THEM: and FOR ME: version. So far, I want tupperware. And a European vacation and a laptop, but I know that's not happening. Also, clean empty boxes for the storage project. Nobody gets you stuff like that for christmas though. Hrm... I do want a Coach bag. And orange chucks. And the new set of Alien movies on DVD. And several things from the LL Bean catalogue. And a new cellphone with pretty colors and ringers. And a new rear left tire for my car. And a PS2 with the newest version of DDR and better dance pads. Or just better dance pads. And for all the children of the world to join hands and sing together in the spirit of harmony and peace. Okay, shit, I want alot of stuff.
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