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it's definately weird to look down at your desk, and think you see you father's handwriting, take the time to think how in hell it could have gotten there, and then realize, oh, that's my handwriting.

i ended up leaving work late. i managed to get the tone of annoyance out of my voice when talking to the manager (i want him to want me on day shift forever) and sticking around long enough to help him do something i am sure he could do himself. the tone of anger and annoyance has been in my voice all week, uncontrollably. even with people i want to be nice to.

by the way Time magazine lists "Computer Software Engineers, applications" ninth on the list of jobs with largest projected increases, 2000 to 2010. number one, to no one's surprise: food prep and serving. kucinich wasn't even mentioned in their headliner about how no one can catch up with dean. and canada gets a big, wet, figurative smooch from me for being awesome.

now i'm going to drink.
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