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so the guy who hands out the free Washington Post supplement thing, called "Express", has been flirting with me every day to try to get me to pick up one of these free fluffy things. well, he could have told me i look pretty today for other reasons but either way, today i smiled and grabbed one. on page 2, there is a blurb on a new beauty contest, an all-digital one, with all digitally generated women. anyone who knows me knows i would find this detestable. but the web page isn't even operational! why report on this? why even put this in your cute little free newsmagazine? and am i at all surprised that this is something coming out of italy? not really. anyways i won't be picking up another one of those no matter how many times the guy at the metro tells me it's nice to see me looking so pretty again today. i should lurk around like a weirdo and see if he says this to everyone.

in other news, if this guy is not drenched in sarcasm, he is today's collegiate times cretin.
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