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day shift: day 5

I think I will have to go see that Will Ferrell Elf movie because it has Bob Newhart in it. I wish they'd rerun Newhart. On TV Land or something.

Hey I just found out that tirani works within spitting distance of where I work! Cool!

I have already consigned this weekend to being a pain in the ass, due to it only being one day long. This is perhaps an overly pessimistic viewpoint. But I have been feeling a general sense of withdrawal and selfishness, the kind where you just want everyone to leave you alone. An abnormal state for me. I have alot of emails to catch up on. I have bills to pay. I have to go right back to work sunday morning. It's like, what's the point of getting in social mode?

Pursuant of a remark in passing last night, I am curious to know who out there thinks that just going to work and coming home and watching TV, reading, or playing games is a "boring" or "worthless" lifestyle. And why. And why you think you can be an arbiter of that. And what it takes to have an "exciting" or "worthwhile" lifestyle from day to day.

[edit: I guess I should confess that in my heart of hearts, I think it is a boring lifestyle, in the sense that I don't want to live like that but I want other people to live however they want, and I want to never judge them, so I fight against that instinct. I feel it is a great, enormous privilege to be able to live that sort of life of leisure, and if people want to take advantage of the fact that they can through their own hard work or accident of birth or whatever, who am I to stop them. There. I confessed. I hope this does not insult anyone close to me. But it probably does. But I don't mean for it to, because I maintain: who the hell am I to say???]

Eb major - you are warm and kind, always there for
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