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1. Who is interested in going with me to a Choral Arts Society of Washington performace at the Kennedy Center? I was just gonna buy two tickets and drag someone, but I thought maybe taking volunteers would be better.

2. How do all these people wandering around this building know who I am? I have been working overnights for over 2 years. I don't know who they are.

3. I am the worst person on earth to give a task to which requires me to be angry and tenacious to people. I generally live out of a "catch more flies with honey" motto and asking me to escalate and get angry and aggressive is like asking Art Garfunkel to do a Rob Zombie impression. I'm very patient. I expect everyone else to be. I'd say this is something I have to work on but I don't see the point. I've been aggressive before, and I can force myself to do so if necessary, but it doesn't fit.

4. Don't ask me what something is about, and then interrupt me to ask "huh?" when I am just starting to answer. Grr.

5. Tea last night was very well populated. I had an asian salad with the spiciest dressing ever. And BEER. Mmmmm. I'd like some beer riiiiiiight now. All my coworkers are off watching the Matrix movie. I hope they don't stand around and talk about it when they get back. I should get beer in recompense.

6. Today I have some really really awful examples from the files of the Collegiate Times Cretins: Daniel Goodman for yet another paean to the wonderful world of sports, again making it sound like without football the entire town of Blacksburg would implode in clinical depression. Second prize goes to Winston Wee. Winston, you have the best name, but I hope you get over that fundamentalist attitude.

[edit]7. Book Club is already upon us! Monday! The 10th! Reminder! peril_book_club.
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