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Can I just say I love the day shift? I can? Good. Because I am loving this. A relaxing ride on the metro followed by a suitably busy day in which I felt invigorated and motivated to actually do my job, and BAM it is already 1PM and I only have two hours left in my shift and I have hardly noticed the time passing. I could really get used to this. Too bad it will be over in one month.

This weekend I attended three awesome Halloween parties dressed as Margot Tenenbaum (Jack was Richie). I didn't do a perfect job of it, but I won't bore you with the excruciating details. All I can say is that if I got even one person to watch the movie, I have achieved something. I saw an awesome Trinity costume traceracer and missed all the food-related costumes (oontzgrrl's deviled egg and judithiscariot's corningware casserole) and there were many many more, too many to recount here. VERY shockingly, on saturday night, there was a second Margot!! That was pretty cool. My pictures will hopefully get posted soon. I just haven't had much time in front of my computer. We did eventually evacuate about 25 ladybugs from my room. We only damaged a few and the rest were released to the wild. Also saturday afternoon we watched this thing on animal planet about EXTREME births. There was this one toad that holds the eggs in pores on its back, so that its back looks like a frightening honeycomb of baby toads. It was disgusting. It was called the Sumatran Creepy Backbirth Toad or something like that.

I admit it didn't seem very auspicious this morning when I woke up twice in the dark of night due to horrible dreams. First I dreamed that as I was coming into work, a nuclear bomb was dropped on DC and everyone died. Huh. OK so it took me about an hour to get back to sleep after that one. Then, I dreamed that the director of the department called me out in front of everyone on policy and threatened to fire me. Ick. Took me another hour to get back to sleep after that one. But despite all that I feel great and am so happy to see the glowy ball in the sky all day.

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