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So there are a few more ladybugs in my room. Just a few. It's wacky. The cat appears to have no interest in them. Anyways, I have been all over creation today to get costume junk, and have been at least halfway successful. There is good news this weekend though!!!! Diablo II patch 1.10 is out!!!!!!! Now the game is going to be harder, I think. I am excited nonetheless. I had thought of about a thousand clever things to note while I was shopping today, but they are all gone. I need a nap already. Oof. Later.

Oh I remember. I dreamed that there was a serial killer working at a cookie restaurant, and he was cutting the cookies out of the dough with giant scissors and we didn't want to have any more cookies after that. Also I dreamed that my clothes fell in the toilet. I HAVE NO IDEA WHY.
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