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picture and kvetch

So there is a massive invasion of ladybugs in my room. First there were two, and I thought they died. Then I came in this morning and there were two more. Now I can see five seven, just from where I am sitting. Bugs must be able to smell fear. Why does this keep happening to me??? Also, I can't sleep. I'm gonna be a grumpy gus til tomorrow. Anyways, here are some pictures I took.

Nicolas enjoys a little light reading, don't ya know.

I think this stream turned red the other day because of runoff from the aforementioned Contee Road construction. This is right by my apartment on 197; it was also like this back by the Suzuki dealership on rt 1.

Apparently I missed the stage where it said "Giant Foo".

They are so forlorn, how can I kill them?

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