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Well, I have been pushy enough. Day shift manager has relented to the one month swap of the night worker for the day walker. Starting monday I will be waking up at 5am to dress up nice and be seen by all the good people as a fine, upstanding, sun worshipping employee!!!! I am so excited. I will learn things. I will watch people on the metro. I will be grumpy while I adjust. And I will party on thursday nights, because I will have fridays off. This is a big deal! Maybe I will hate it. But it will be a fun change. Something tells me there will be slightly less livejournaling, which some people might rejoice about. This is welcome news after I walked in here to have A) a swing shift guy chew me out for a BOLD 20 point font email he recieved from a coworker of mine in regards to some piddly policy the swing shift guy refused to follow, B) my computer reboot twice without my permission due to helpdesk software pushes, and C) some eng work that was supposed to happen over the next few weeks suddenly pushed up do that it all happened tonight.

Prior to all this lilmymble and cheetahmaster kindly opened their home to our sad comcast-deprived household so we could see Lex get some therapy and Clark toss a tractor in Perry White's face. (Yay Michael Mckean!) Some stuff happened on Angel too, but I wasn't paying attention because I could not possibly care less. Also - thanks nostradomnatrix for calling! It was neat to hear from you. I have some pictures I have been taking around the area on my digital camera, and if my computer is working when I get home today I will try to post them. I was remembering, driving around laurel earlier tonight, the first time I saw the giant tent-like structures in front of laurel mall. It was years and years before I even considered moving to MD; I don't remember what I was doing there that day, but I remember being really impressed by the tenty things. Now it seems like such a sad place. Last week while wig shopping, tzel and I were in the dollar store in forlorn laurel mall - a possibly crazy old man was mouthing off to the proprietor about how they were going to tear this sorry thing down, and build a new mall over on contee. Truth be told, I kind of like the shabby little mall for its shabbiness.
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