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A process they like to call migration is being worked on tonight, although it's less about things moving and more about renaming them. Since I haven't been tasked with anything relating to it, I'm catching odds and ends and watching out for details, which has been very peaceful. Apart from when my boss tweaks one of my pet peeves, the one where I hate being told something I already understand. I get irrationally angry about it as if they person said "hey stupid, these are the facts" instead of just "these are the facts". In my world, if you tell me something obvious, the "hey stupid" is implied.

You may have noticed I didn't post anything about the Northern State show that was supposed to happen on the 25th. That's because it didn't for some reason. But as a consolation I got a personal email from one of the members. How often does that happen? Not very. I don't know what the reasons are behind the cancellation but I hope it's nothing nefarious. This was pretty much the only show I had a strong commitment to for the rest of the year. But I am patient.

Earlier this week I posted that I attended Chiaroscuro. I didn't go into details. Since work is so peaceful... for me at least, right now, I will elaborate. For one thing, the Edge is a really comfortable space. There are places to sit. The lighting is kind of cozy. Jack and I got there early, for open bar, and the bartenders were all friendly... I can't comment on drink quality because, well, I had a beer as usual. I managed to get into conversations with several strangers or near-strangers in which I could hear them and they could hear me. I don't know, I just enjoyed myself and I hope to encourage others to give the night a shot, because while I like talking to new people, I prefer to get out and dance with old friends. :)

Comcast is being a bunch of punk bitches. I have always had only nice things to say about Comcast until this week. The window they gave us for a tech to come out to re-turn up our service is 9AM to 8PM. Does anyone else see anything wrong with this??? And this is to turn up service that somehow was accidentally turned off remotely. WTF? So, suffering dialup this week at home. This made it all the easier to get to Tea on time. I failed to get the trivia question again. As usual. It seems like every time I go to Tea it rains.

Today's Collegiate Times Cretin is Devin Stone, for writing the worst rebuttal ever. I'm trying to choose a good excerpt and I just can't, every sentence of this thing is baffling. But here is one anyways: "Forcing America to support a war will ultimately mean terrorists have won." This makes as much sense as the old saw that if you stop spending all your money at the Gap the terrorists have won. Thanks, Devin, you're not helping.
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