keep it dark (snidegrrl) wrote,
keep it dark

It is fun to blow on the cat, disturbing him, and then taunt him with: "you don't have li-ips, you don't have li-ips".

life should not be this leisurely. surely this is the devil's work. so to speak. my desires of late are extremely specific. overly specific, perhaps. i prefer to be motivated on several fronts. currently i am motivated on one, perhaps two. lie of the day: surely i will be able to tackle all my unfinished projects once i stow the lower priority stuff in a storage unit. the freedom of movement this allows will help me to feel "unconstipated" in my space.

Sunday i got to see F.H., albeit briefly. Cheers to old friends!

In the tradition of judithiscariot who enjoys calling out UMD's aspiring columnists (or Diamondback Dumbasses), this week's Collegiate Times Cretin is Matt, for suggesting that if the Hokies don't go to a bowl game, his senior year will be a total disappointment. Not planning on graduating then, Matt?

I'd like to say my ex is this week's CT Cretin but that was last week. And it appears he gave his column some thought. Even though I disagree with him about the pledge. [Edited to add: Ooh, but this little gem might qualify! Because when you criticize U.S. foreign policy, you might as well put a bullet in a patriotic American. Mm hmm. At least it's all gramatically correct.]
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