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a non-floral chronological weekend update because it is all i can do to stay awake:

- had booze and food with my bestest bud at the green turtle
- dropped by to visit the most hospitable house of design and lego
- had bread pudding at the diner
- got my first HC diabloii character the title "Destroyer"
- went costume shopping
- found out some really, really shitty news. and i'm angry.
- went to chiaroscuro. am in love with the space. best thing to come round the pike on a saturday night.
- oh yeah and there was totally some dude there who owns two gremlins, and just installed an 8 track in one. we talked about genesis. it was fucking awesome.
- found out that red bull and vodka is the most foul drink i've tasted... at least in the past year. more foul than absente, less foul that ouzo.
- stopped at the black cat merely because i knew it had a potty. heh.
- went to an awesome halloween party, but was too drunk to make any sense to anyone. greeeeat.
- had bread pudding at the diner again

basically, indulgence. lots and lots of indulgence. and shitty news which it isn't necessary for me to blather on the web about. and now i'm trying to get back on my overnight schedule.
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