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It should be illegal to be this tired. There could be a tired breathalyzer test, and when you are leaving for work you have to take it, and if you are too exhausted, you get a note and don't have to go to work. Of course people would abuse the system and ruin it for the rest of us.

So how far back do I have to reach to account for my weekend... gosh, all the way back to Wednesday, when I had a "lunch" break with oontzgrrl and didn't document it. It is nice to be able to see a friend during my work day... it's been a long time since that was even a possibility. Let's see... then there was karaoke. cheetahmaster already did a much better job covering that particular story than I could, but suffice to note that of my three entries I was only called on to sing one, the Shania Twain classic "Any Man of Mine". I should have bought the karaoke dude a drink so I could have snuck in some more Britney Spears, dammit. Afterwards, since Jack and I are the most nocturnal of our bunch, we hit Denny's together and ran into danalog totally by chance. His hair was alot longer than when I met him and I almost totally did not recognize him.

So Friday morning. I had to drive down to Norfolk on very little sleep. On the way down I listened to some country stations and heard a few songs that screamed karaoke. Once I arrived, swartzdk (which I will here use to refer to my parents, collectively although my dad is the one who maintains and upkeeps) made a fine meal of meat and potatoes which has been traditional for us since oh, forever. It was awesome. I wish I could create a wormhole so that once a week we could sit down and eat together without a 3 hour car ride. I was in bed by 10pm and woke up at 4am... yikes. Not cool. (Apparently dad came downstairs to find mom and I snoring on opposite ends of the couch like bookends.)

It occurred to me as I drove down that this visit to the beachy area was the perfect time to look for a bike. Not only are cruisers popular in that area, but I knew that someone down there carried Electras, so saturday morning mom and I set out to find a bike. And lo, not only did I find a bike, but I found the bicycle. And for a cut rate price, I assume because of the season. I left Conte's with the bike, a rack for the hatchback, and a sense of satisfaction and a slight twinge of guilt knowing I'd spent more money than I should. And a box cutter blade in my left rear tire. Weee! (The tire appears to be OK, I drove home on it, but yeah, getting a new one ASAP.) So for the record people, I have a bike rack that holds three bikes. Anyone who also has a bike and would like to go riding, anyone who has been thinking about getting a bike and would like to go riding, please please please let me know. It would be fun to find some nice liesurely trails and wander them on two wheels apiece. Right now, of course, since I am insanely paranoid, the bike is sitting IN my room. I'm scared to lock it up on the balcony because believe me, that bike got alot of attention the minute I drove into the parking lot of my complex with it. Probably mostly fond, harmless attention, but still, since my car got busted into I'm paranoid.

Spent the rest of the afternoon lunching and shopping with mom and dad, and getting increasingly anxious about the reunion. I didn't need to be. The reunion was pleasant, and organized by the sort of people that don't really care who you were ten years ago to them, because they are just incredibly nice people. For the most part, even though I actually hung out with approximately two people that were at this reunion, I felt very welcome. No one recognized me. I attribute this to the fact that I have a few things I didn't have back then; things like poise, style, and confidence. There were virtually no other tech geeks there. But lots of PhDs and MDs and financial types. The location for the event itself was a swanky private men's club, the kind of place I would never go if I wasn't attending a high school reunion for a swanky private school. I continue to be grateful to my parents for sacrificing god knows how much to send me there. When the old St. Elmo's Fire types started jockeying for social gatherings I wouldn't attend, I rolled on home, removing all my urban hipster frippery (I was dressed as a black and white photo of a modern Velma) and putting on my halloween PJ's, and settled in to try to stay awake all night. Naturally I failed. Even Anne Rice's deplorable but suspenseful book couldn't keep me awake.

Woke up after about 4 hours of sleep. Packed things. Turned into Weepy McWeeplebottom (tm chubbycore, hope it's ok for me to borrow that one!) for about two hours until I finally got on the road. I drove along in stark terror that the bike and/or rack would unhitch it/themselves from the car. Listened to some football on the radio which was kind of fun, actually, even though it was the Packers/Rams game which I couldn't care less about. Home, unpacked and in bed by 5pm. Awake again in 4 hours to get to work. Listened to baseball on the way to work, excited when I heard the Marlins prevented a shutout. Walked up to the front door only to have my smoking buddy start raving about an email he got and how he's sure the layoffs are coming. I'm not so sure myself but that just wasn't the first thing I wanted to hear coming back from the weekend. In retrospect, I wish I had dragged bizarrojack with me for my little adventure. I definately felt at times that something was missing. The good news: I don't feel like a loser as a result of the reunion. On the contrary! I feel like a winner!

Now a to-do list:
- seriously investigate a storage unit.
- halloween costume - where the hell am i going to get a blond wig that isn't expensive.
- new tire. timing belt.
- set up online banking. no really this time.
- laundry!!!!!!!
- determine a good time for parents to visit.
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