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sleep: still tremendously effed up.

book club: yay! i love book club. we dispensed with house of leaves much more quickly and decisively than i thought we would. once again, examorata had the insights to something that i didn't see clearly myself. next book: nickel and dimed by barbara ehrenreich. meeting november 10th. it's a short book so this should be easy. i am VERY excited about this book still even though i read it months ago.

something i asked back before LJ was so popular was about the MMPI. i have always wanted to take this thing, or at least see a copy of it or learn about the analysis of it, but it is not like the MBTI. so, has anyone ever had to take this for any reason? i am dying ot hear about it.

recently i saw Lost in Translation and Adaptation. the former i found charming and it grew on me after i left the theater. i like movies where nothing happens and the pace is glacial and the visuals are stunning. adaptation i liked right up until the "turning point". feh, whatever.

bizarre, inexplicable craving for hummus.
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