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up with people!

A - Act your age - Hand me my cardigan and bifocals, and then hand me some whiskey and a big wheel.
B - Boyfriend - bizarrojack
C - Chore you hate - Paying bills.
D - Dad's name - Dennis King. If I do have a kid their middle name is also going to have to be King.
E - Essential make up item - Chanel's discontinued eyeliner.
F - Favorite actor - No idea.
G - Gold or silver - Silver.
H - Hometown - Norfolk, VA.
I - Instruments you play - Harp.
J - Job title - Operations Engineer III.
K - Kids - They are small versions of adults. It is illegal to employ them. You can ply them with sweets. I have read that our concept of childhood is relatively new, like only existed in the last century.
L - Living arrangements - 3 bedrooms, 1 roommate, 3 cats. Livin' and lovin' PG County.
M - Mum's name - Ann Louise. Originally Guelfi. You'd think I would look more italian.
N - Number of people you've slept with - Basically the right amount. Not seeking to increase the number.
O - Overnight hospital stays - Last December. Diverticulitis. For those that missed it, that's a colon thing.
P - Phobia - Bugs and automobile accidents.
Q - Quote you like - "I saved Latin, what have you done?"
R - Religious affiliation - mumble mumble love thy neighbor something or other.
T - Time you wake up? - 6-7 PM. The only good part about this is that I seldom need an alarm.
U - Unique habit - I always chew twice as much on the right side of my mouth as I do on the left. For good luck.
V - Vegetable you refuse to eat - This list is too long to mention.
W - Worst habit - Being lazy.
X - X-rays you've had - Back, where they found nothing wrong. Wisdom teeth.
Y - Yummy food you make - Homemade caesar dressing. "Tom Jones" shrimp.
Z - Zodiac Sign - Leo.

Lately I have been feeling as though I have an embarassment of riches. Not only in money, although that is certainly how I feel about money. But really in everything. Books, music, information. And people. There are so many wonderful compelling people that I have met and befriended and I hardly have enough time to get to know them all. Perhaps I am simply not enough of a misanthrope. My amazement at the sheer amount,the onslaught of information, articles, essays, notes, journals, books. I could easily choose to only expose myself to those elements that agree with my worldview. I hate limiting anything, ever. It's obvious in my music collection; there is hardly a genre not represented (Power noise. I own no power noise.) and there are so many artists I barely know their work but know I would enjoy. I'm not complaining, mind you, I just haven't figured out what I'm supposed to be doing to manage this all. I don't have time to read everything. I know somehow I am blessed but also I know I need to learn how to use my time in only the most valuable ways. But there are so many valuable ways. So many valuable people. (Many of whom I end up treating... shabbily.) I am blessed.

In the matter of choices, I chose to stay home tonight instead of going to Tea. This is due in part to Anne Rice's terrible but annoyingly compelling novel, and in part to downloading the perfect workout music to my new iRiver 128mb portable thinger. I love the portable thinger, although it's not the one I wanted, but they don't carry that one in the store, this one was cheaper, and I wanted to have it NOW NOW NOW. I find myself curious if the in/out would work with my car stereo and allow me to play things through it, or if it would pull things off the cd in my car. Also, my ears are tiny and NO set of "ear buds" was ever made to fit in them. How I hate ear buds. I even hate the name. So anyways, I spent the evening eating empanadas (the empanadas are back at Safeway! Long live empanadas!) and chatting with salami_salome on the phone about various and sundry.

Oh - and the new mp3 thinger - basically means I'm going to become ridiculously anti-social, since I can listen to it and drown out ninnys. At work! No one will talk to me! I will be able to go 8 hours and not talk to them! They will be three feet away but have to IM me because I will be busy "Stayin' Alive"! HA!

I have had Wes Anderson films on the brain this week. I have been listening to the Royal Tenenbaums soundtrack (which makes even the commute feel like a magical place) and the Rushmore soundtrack. His latest film commenced shooting late last month. And lo, the anticipation begins. May my hopes and expectations not surpass his genius.

On the way to work, I thought about trying to take the positive out of anything. Trying to see the positive side of something. To use the most generous version of one's understanding of a subject. Gotta keep that in mind. Unfortunately, even the most generous version of my understanding shakes its head at the loopy marriage week pronouncement and the antics of the california voting public. My positive spin on this: maybe there will be a backlash against this backlash someday. I've been making an effort to let go of things I can't control. Obviously, I started this effort pretty recently. :) Hey, we're all working on things. But, I'm going to try to remember this bit about positivity next time I'm watching something on film or television and get offended, or hear something and think it's awful. Yeah.
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