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dear eagles,

thank you for singing to me in the car. i needed a peaceful easy feeling. since waking up today, i have one. may it continue.


i am eating key lime pie. its tangy creaminess is feeling good. later, my plan is to start making an html file of all the things i screw up for the test, so that i can access it anywhere. i know other people have already made cram pages, but i need to write things over and over to be able to remember them. hand writing didn't work last time, so i'll see if typing works better this time. still haven't procured an portable mp3 player for jogging/exercise, that is on the docket for tomorrow, as well as Tea. wednesday: thrift store halloween costume exploration. thursday: lost in translation. friday: exciting and extravagant haircut exploration, and probably the fall dyeing. maybe watching rushmore again for old time's sake. or monkees night... ??? can i get my shit together enough to have people over and contact the interested parties? heh.

lazy mcw is snoring again. if you have been on the overnight shift for four years and still have to sleep during it, maybe it's not for you, friend.

(heh, i was suggesting to jack that i was worried about getting mugged for my expensive mp3 player, particularly if i got something recognizable like an ipod. he said i should get an old crappy cassette player and fit the insides to the ipod, thus making it less of a target. an amusing and not totally implausible idea.)
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