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probably going to be seeing lost in translation on thursday after all, for those i spoke to about it. also, it is my plan to attend chiaroscuro saturday night. i know i promised not to talk about future plans (they tend not to happen when i do that for some reason) on livejournal, but i do want to spread the word about a new night.

i heard they got rid of the drachen fire at busch gardens. it was new last time i went there! how strange. that also puts in perspective how old some of the rides there are. the log flume was certainly there since i was a wee tyke, as well as the loch ness. i do vaguely remember the big bad wolf as something new. i found my old season's passes replete with horrible pictures, and i have been meaning to scan them but i don't have a scanner so that has put a bit of a wrench in the works.

i searched, finally, on ebay and amazon to find out about "The Ascent of Man" which was apparently a PBS (BBC?) series in the 70s which jack's parents were telling me about. and i can't get it. which is disappointing. there is a book, and i guess i will have to make do with that. anyone out there seen this series? it is the creation of a man named Jacob Bronowski. (oh, apparently you can get the DVDs, they just are costly.)
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