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things i learned this weekend

- some stuff at april's that i already can't remember, i must have smoked it away. something about making a compromise between getting a radical message to alot of people and giving it to them in a pill they can swallow. in the context of television, mind you. and something else, maybe about emo boys.

- that richmond just isn't that damn far away.

- that if you want to buy shoes in columbia mall on a friday night you'd better be a 17-year old with perky tits who seems willing to flirt, this is from three stores, and even waving a credit card and a pair of shoes in someone's face won't get you helped, even after standing around for 15 minutes smiling and being patient. and when there is a surplus of shoe purveyors on hand.

- that livejournal may in fact be a tool of the devil. i guess that is the most humor i can muster about that. i stand baffled in the face of the evidence i see and have been seeing for some time now. i've been horribly naive.

- that devil_panda is the bees' knees and is clearly only getting more bee-like or more knee-like or both.

- that i should have been to dollhouse sooner. i mean, over the past few months, i got there in plenty of time on friday.

part of my weekend was also spent pondering how clouds of bugs could drop items on the ground and why anyone would place locked chests in the middle of the desert, but that will all end soon as i go back to studying. i am thinking of seeing lost in translation monday or wednesday, i know most people have already seen it but if you haven't and like the sound of that, i'll be trying to make an 8-sh show. and my roommate's out of town! party down! shave the cat! NO JEN I SWEAR I AM KIDDING! i will do naught but feed him and be nice to him. :)
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