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friends notes, because i was thinking about it and feeling weird about my huge friends list and the increasing number of strangers. this isn't a meme, it's more specific to me. out of the 169 on my friends list:

107 i know, as in have met more than once and had protracted conversations on more than one occasion, even if it was some time ago.
40 i have never met.
19 i have met in person but wouldn't say that i know.
3 are me and this weird somebodies thing and a community.

30 i have actually worked with at the same company only one of whom i still work with.
23 i know or met directly through the camarilla.
23 i met in college or before.
99 are local to the DC metro area.
6 i have lived with on the books, 3 i have lived with in the loose roomie-of-my-SO kind of way.

i cringe at the idea that someone might look at my list and think, "jesus, who the hell does she think she is anyways".

i can't believe i am still at work!!!
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