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yet another music question

what is the perfect workout music?

perhaps for you it's a classic like "eye of the tiger". perhaps you prefer something more modern, like christina aguilera's "fighter". or you could be like me, and enjoy a modern classic as you treadmill, something like "supermodel (you better work)" by rupaul. specifically, for me, in the context of the brady bunch movie soundtrack. because if "keep on" and "it's a sunshine day" don't make you feel like gettin your exercise, i don't know what does! what music gives you a feeling of purpose and determination and makes you want to sweat?

also i don't know much about portable mp3 players. can you usually move music on and off them as you please? who makes the good ones? because maybe if i have a good set of music i will actually exercise. or something.

i think i would also pay someone to mod out DDR pads for me (well, i mean. the ones i modded out are crap.). on the other hand, DDR is just a huge expense (as in i'd probably have to get a PS2 and/or new pads etc.). this is a problem i should not be throwing money at. i never did buy a bike. i certainly can't do all three expensive things i just listed here, or if i can, i should not. but i digress. workout music! share!
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