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sing it with me: "to-tal fail-ure" a la mst3k

and lo, all the network geeks did snicker into their hands quietly, for on that day the cisco router gods did judge kim, and find her wanting. for it is truth that 771 is not equal to or greater than 849, and thus a grade of failure was bestowed.

but find that kim did not consider herself a total failure, and while she did not buy herself a congratulatory manicure or new cd, she did commit to a new trial by CCNA to be completed in october, and thus did she hope she did not just throw another $125 down the pooper.

things to try next time:
- brain drugs
- sleeping immediately prior to the exam?
- sewing up the hole in the sleeve of the Lucky Exam Shirt, which was torn during the furor of the first trial.
- find a sampo
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