keep it dark (snidegrrl) wrote,
keep it dark

stray thoughts which probably hold no water:

- i think the reason people react so extremely to the stuff i say is because i advocate for ten times what i actually hope for so that maybe people can grant a position 1/10th the strength of my argument. i like to overshoot my actual mark. alot. (i am not sure how to stop doing this, but i am coming to realize that it's not always helpful.)

- i am an idealist because i realize we will never live in a perfect world. but i have to set my sights in that perfect world because it seems like that's the only way we will get close.

- someone was describing people as "the type that likes to play musical chairs with enough chairs." (can't say that's an exact quote, but rob_donoghue can tidy it up if he likes.) i think that pretty much describes me. for the record i also like in monopoly for everyone to own one part of each of the properties so that no one has a monopoly. yeah, it's been years since anyone played monopoly with me.

other than that, i have a burning desire to know just what that was in bronzemountain's flask at the faire last week. i simply can't forget about it. today tzel and i hit the royal mile for pub food and chatting. it took me an hour to get to wheaton from laurel. ugh. she bought me a whip, so that i could whip it, whip it good. then i bought halloween cube decorations which i plan to leave up all year. i'm taking suggestions on how to make my cube feel as foreboding as possible. then went to cheetahmaster's to watch the eddie izzard new dvd ("circle") and some zombie flick. return of the living dead part 2? i have no idea. all i know is it was terrible. and the hardcore zombie flick people even thought so. i also risked eating popcorn. bad me!

tomorrow: all studying, all the time.
Tags: introspection
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