keep it dark (snidegrrl) wrote,
keep it dark

when i started this shift i was doing really well! i was all, la la, things will be ok even though i have procrastinated, listening to semisonic secret smile etc, and now i just feel a dull ache of anger and a strong desire to hole up in my room which is really way, way too prevalent lately. rar, no one is like me, i am a unique and ugly snowflake, blah blah moody bullshit. i feel like i need to clean out my blood.

it looks like the cat held me, and not the other way around. how did he get orangey fur on every single part of this shirt?

an ex once asked me to justify myself. it was his thing, he asked people to justify themselves to him. i don't feel like i could right now. i mean, not to him, but to myself. citizen XXX-XX-XXXX state your purpose: _______________

i blame the norfolk academy alumni bulletin!!!!!!!!! not myself. no, no it could never be my own damn fault.
Tags: chris, depression
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